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New here? Can't decide which beans to choose? The Blend Bundle is perfect for you!

1 x 250g Black Sheep (Colombia / Brazil)
Our house blend, the Black Sheep has a wonderful balanced flavour. There is a strong presence of caramel and a buttery mouth feel that also drinks great with milk.

1 x 250g Espresso (Honduras / Brazil / Costa Rica)
The Costa Rican gives a nice level of acidity, with the Honduras giving the chocolatey characteristics, while the Brazil adds some sweetness and toasted hazelnut flavours.

1 x 250g Simon The Likeable (Brazil / Honduras)
Bakers cocoa with notes of amaretto and smooth caramel.

1 x 250g Smooth Criminal (Brazil / El Salvador)
Intense chocolate flavour with brown sugar sweetness and notes of honey and melon.